What happens next?

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f you live in the UK you may recall watching the TV programme “A Question of Sport” and one of the rounds was called:

“What happens next?”

They would show a clip of some sporting action and the teams had to guess what happened next. The answers were often hilarious as the teams made up all sorts of answers to fit the scene. Sometimes they got it right but often it was wrong because it was usually something unpredictable that happened!

Life is like that – it can be unpredictable at times, especially when we’d like it to be safe and normal.

“Prediction is a risky business, especially if it involves the future.”

This humourous and, at the same time, deeply profound quote has been attributed to many sources and has a number of variations. For this blog I will attribute it to Niels Bohr one of the founding fathers of Quantum Physics. Relax, I am going to keep this simple so anyone can get it!

Now what has all this to do with Spheres Of Light? Well, rather a lot actually!

Our minds are wonderful storage devices or filing systems and we like to draw on this data to predict and control events to keep ourselves safe.

The Universe doesen’t quite work like that though!

At its fundamental energetic level, you could see the universe as an ocean or field of endless possibilities and probabilities that are just waiting to unfold based on our choices or observations. Quantum Physicists call this process “collapse.” Which essentially means that the ‘field of outcomes’ has formed into the ‘reality’ you have chosen or observed. Cool stuff, and actually very profound.

Now when you engage with Spheres Of Light which only works for your highest good the outcome can often be a surprise to you, rather like the Question Of Sport outcomes.

People have insights about things they weren’t even aware of, deeply buried issues come up to be healed, miracles unfold. Much, indeed most of the time, little of this has anything to do with what the conscious mind has been processing or thinks may be a good idea based on past data.

Now this doesn’t fit with our control or safety world-view that we’ve been taught because it seems unpredictable!

Though, in truth, it couldn’t be more interesting, exciting and instructive! Why? Because when we get in touch with a higher part of ourselves through the gift of Spheres Of Light we’re opening up the pathway to our truth, our innate essence.

At this level we could not be more pure or safe! Though it’s a completely different level. The former ‘safety’ is trying to keep us as we are and comes from the egoic mind and old data, the latter comes from the heart and soul and represents truth. Your truth.

Which do you choose? Ego or heart? Normal or Natural?

So in answer to our opening question: “What happens next?” the most effective answers or insights, the truth, that is your truth is going to come from a much higher place.

… and we’ve been given the gift of Spheres Of Light to help get us there.

So make the choice to live in the mystery. Be open to possibilities beyond your imagination. If you do this regularly, your life will change in a very positive way and, at some point you will realise what you’d been missing all along.

What happens next? A miracle, plain and simple!


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