What is Option See?

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What is Option See?

In duality consciousness things are like black and white. Things come in opposites: happiness, sadness; small-self, higher-self. Do you choose darkness or light? Option A or Option B.

In truth, that is Unity Consciousness, it’s not like that. There is just timeless truth, Infinite Silence, True SELF.

This is Option SEE!

Seeing as it really is. With clear, indeed infinite perspective.

Not really a third option but the only true place of the heart and soul. The rest being a wonderful illusion.

It is so easy to get lost in duality. Option A, Option B. So easy in fact that virtually everyone spends all their time in this place and suffering is the consequence of that.

Life is experienced as varying degrees of struggle, considerable effort and separation from others. It can feel like a vicious cycle.

Much is said about breaking free from this cycle but in that idea is also a problem.

You see you are already absolutely free in your innate essence.

It’s your belief in the idea that you are not absolutely free and the attachment and identification with that that creates the problem!

You are already that which you seek. Truth.

Option SEE is a like an option-less option. It is already here NOW.

YOU can open your true eyes and SEE now. You will never experience this any other time than now. So it’s not a future goal either!

It is present. It is presence it is YOU. Your TRUTH.

Perfect, Whole, Timeless, Truth.

From this Infinite Self springs forth the perfumes that we call joy, grace, love, peace, gratitude and more.

It’s a matter of where your attention is rested. If it is externally focussed then you will only ever experience Options A and B – duality consciousness.

If it rested in Infinite Silence ‘Option SEE’ becomes your constant experience.

It’s a beautiful experience. You are the experience, the experiencer and the creator of that experience. All here NOW.

Take some SELF Time NOW to unfold this truth in you, through you as YOU.

Go to the Blog: SELF Time here.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,



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