Who am I? The key Spiritual Inquiry

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Who am I? The key Spiritual Inquiry

“Who am I?” Is the fundamental Spiritual Inquiry that all Inquiry Questions ultimately boil down to. The Question: “Who or what am I?” followed to its ultimate resolution reveals the true Self. Why is this single question so important? What does it reveal?

The Episode provides in-depth insight into the question, how it works in conjunction with Meditation and can be used in daily-life. It also takes you on a journey of recognising and opening up to Awarness/Silence whist dispelling some key Self Realisation myths and misunderstandings. Numerous questions were taken live during the stream and these are all answered. An Infinite Silence Meditation is included (don’t listen whilst driving!).

This Stream was originally a YouTube Live Stream and has been edited to make it suitable for this Podcast. The other Live Stream Referenced in this Podcast: Beyond Phenomena may be located on Philip’s YouTube Channel on the prior link. Episode 12 of this Podcast Series also provides a much brief overview/exercise with this question.

For more free Self Realisation Resources visit Philip’s Website.

To experience the Infinite Silence Self Realisation Meditation please see Episodes 19 – 25 inclusive. This is a series of seven with durations from 0.25 fully guided to 1.5 hours with increasing amounts of silence.

Monthly Episodes, Next: 5 April 2024, released at 4pm but usually takes until about 5pm to find its way to the various outlets.



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