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Who Am I Without Time? – Self Realisation Zoom Calls: March 2024

This is an edited version of a Group Zoom call, the guided Infinite Silence Meditation includes a fundamental inquiry that sparks insights, questions and deeper clarity of the deepest truths around Self Realisation. It covers the following topics listed in the timestamps:

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:07 Infinite Silence Meditation 
00:14:47 End meditation
00:15:05 Stefan (Everything is here now)
00:15:50 Fibre Optic Lamp metaphor
00:18:36 All here now
00:18:54 We think of everything on a timeline
00:20:25 Has always been a sense of time
00:21:40 Unborn & Eternal
00:24:13 A buzzing aliveness
00:26:13 Time – throw away that weapon!
00:29:43 Who or what is aware of the passage of time?
00:33:18 There is silence and frustration
00:36:55 Black Holes and The Event Horizon
00:45:43 Question – Why are we here?
00:55:42 Close your eyes and see what the heart says…
01:00:00 The event flowed through me
01:08:00 Who Am I, the question dissolves the questioner
01:12:00 Ending
01:12:55 Outro

For more free Self Realisation Resources visit Philip’s Website.

Monthly Episodes, Next: 2 August 2024, released at 4pm but usually takes until about 5pm to find its way to the various outlets.

To experience the Infinite Silence Self Realisation Meditation please see Episodes 19 – 25 inclusive. This is a series of seven with durations from 0.25 fully guided to 1.5 hours with increasing amounts of silence.



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