Who am I

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I am Silent
The Prime Observer
Yet Nothing, No Thing
Waves of Pure Consciousness are birthed from the Absolute that I am
Like Infinite Spheres Of Light
My Waves emerge, take form, filled with energy and melt back into me
Scented with the perfumes of Truth, Love, Joy and Grace
The dream of Space and the Universe is birthed from me
The galaxies, blackholes, the stars, the planets
This body you have is a gift from me but it is not you
I am Life
Life is me
Expressing itself in a mosaic of Infinite Variety
The perfect kaleidoscope
Who am I?
The Silent Witness
Infinite Silence
I am that, I am
I am your Truth
I am YOU

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  • Leothilda

    You create the same magic as Eckhart Tolle – always felt that. Soothing for the soul and beautiful. Love the energies you create with your work. Thanks with love, Philip! <3

  • Adi

    Wow! The most beautiful words Philip, you need to put this out as a song to beautiful music – I would listen to it all day. It goes straight to the heart and creates a blissed out peacefulness, thank you 🙂

    • Philip Wade

      You are most welcome Adi. This one and all the others on the site are like gifts. Putting it to music, now there’s an insight – perhaps they will be one day. So joyful to hear that it touches you in this way. 🙂

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