Word was SEX

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A beautiful, surprising yet inspiring message arose from Infinite Silence, it spoke:

Word was SEX.

As always when such messages emerge this one contained a lot more than the mere three words. The energy or consciousness ‘behind it’ was pointing to profound insight and one of the first to emerge was a quote many will have heard from Biblical sources:

“… and the Word was made flesh.”

The word ‘Word’ in both the message and in the Biblical quote pointing to the same source. The ‘Word’ being the Divine Source, Universe, God whatever works for you.

It is saying this ‘Word’ IS SEX.

What came next was the reminder of something I’d read probably about 11 years earlier in the Conversations with God Books where the subject of human sex was being discussed. One of the insights offered which resonated deeply with me at the time was this:

SEX = Synergistic Energy EXchange.

The synergistic and harmonious marriage of energies creating not only a beautiful physical experience in the human body but the reminder and pointer that this connection is a divine one. Synergy is about creating that which is greater than the sum of the parts.

Human sex in its pure form does this, opening the participants into a divine, sacred and indeed Infinite Connection. This is why so much emphasis is placed on forms such as Tantric Sex. It is a divine opening.

So, as we look more deeply into the message the ‘Word was SEX’ what it is being pointed at is a simple but profound metaphor for creation and recreation. The manifestation and realisation of the divine in metaphysical, non-physical and physical.

Translated into language used more commonly on this site:

Meta-Physical = Infinite Silence = the absolute source consciousness
Non-Physical = Spheres Of Light = the ‘first born’ pure consciousness = I AM
Physical = Form, bodies and so on

This is the triality of consciousness and it is all ONE. Often referred to in spiritual traditions as the the ‘three in ONE’.

The non-physical and physical are really projections of the absolute, a gift from itSELF so that it can experience itSELF in the projected physical domain. It’s a bit like a huge ‘Holodeck’ to use a Star Trek analogy. It looks real but only the absolute Infinite Silence is real, truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

So if we circle back to the ‘Word was SEX’ – Synergistic Energy EXchange then a great metaphor to see is that the Universe is constantly in this state of Synergistic Energy EXchange – SEX for short!

How wonderful is that!

For it makes you look at the SELF that is the Universe and its divine manifestation in a deeper and fuller light of truth and similarly SEX in the human form even more meaningful and beautiful.

The Universe is always NOW and is thus the Word IS SEX becomes clearer and more potent in our awareness.

There is always this EXchange going on. Energy is being interchanged and interacting at all times and all places, everyone and everything is intrinsically connected.

A key characteristic of a Hologram is that one part holds the information of the whole. We are like that. We all contain the whole. We may look separate or just a small part but that is just an illusion. Our truth is is the divine connection that is Infinite Silence. Your heart and soul know this already. Only mind which is not really real questions this. Always look in the heart/soul for truth.

When you truly ‘look’ in the heart/soul You SEE and become a truly aware that you are are, in fact, a SEER.

YOU see that you are this truth, this Infinite Silence and that you are a:

SEER = Synergistic Energy ExchangeR with everyone and everything.

So as you go about your daily life know that you are in constant Synergistic EXchange with ALL. YOU are this ALL.

If you identify with the mind which is the same as ego it may look and feel like a struggle of separation and life is experienced as this. Not at all Synergistic.

If you remember truth and live from the heart you will experience the truth that you are peace, its source and in constant communion and Synergistic EXchange with ALL. The choice is yours.

Live from the heart and then it will be clear the:

“Word is SEX.”

Blessings as Infinite Silence,



This insight now forms part of a 5 Part Series all connected with the related subject of SEX. The order of the insights is: Word was SEX, Intimacy, From Sensation to Insation, Transcendent Sex, Sexual Communion and links are provided below to the other insights.

Separately, I was also reminded of this beautiful moving statue that I feel really speaks to the essence of the divine and the merging and re-emerging that we experience in the Synergistic Energy Exchange of Life! Credit for the video to: Pestrotube Channel link here.

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