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You & The Universe Gateway Location

The Universe is Infinite Silence it IS ONE and the same.

YOU are that.


We are not talking about your body here. Infinite Silence IS YOUR very essence You have merely forgotten this.

Now is the time to remember.

“Truth is an experience not a belief.”


Consciousness and the energy of the Universe are two sides of the same coin. From consciousness and energy creation flows. You body is a conscious creation of the Universe. Pause and take that in.

Consciousness and energy are sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Egg of Creation’ or the ‘Seed of Creation’ or ‘Eternal Flame.’  These are all seen in the logo of this site. You create and co-create your experience from these gifts.

How do I understand myself more?: HOW
How do I raise my consciousness?: A GIFT TO HELP
How do I experience a free workshop?: BOOK HERE