You are not separate from it you are intrinsically part of it.

It is incomplete without you.


Since you are self-evidently an intrinsic part of the Universe you have also been imbued with all of the characteristics and powers of it. You have merely forgotten this.

Now is the time to remember.

“Truth is an experience not a belief.”


Consciousness and the energy of the Universe are two sides of the same coin. From consciousness and energy creation flows. You are a conscious creation of the Universe. Pause and take that in.

Consciousness and energy are sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Egg of Creation’ or the ‘Seed of Creation’ or ‘Eternal Flame.’  These are all seen in the logo of this site. You create and co-create your experience from these gifts.

In the video I explain your intrinsic Oneness with the Universe by the use of a powerful visual metaphor to help you see and begin to experience TRUTH. Your Truth. Experience will lead you to insight and understanding.

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