YOU are Freedom itSELF

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You are freedom itSELF!
There are no limits to your truth
No boundaries
Timeless and thus eternal
Formless yet Infinite
Infinite Silence IS YOU
This body you have is NOT YOU
All that comes with the body is NOT YOU
There are NO attachments
NO identifications
NO beliefs at all
In YOUR truth
YOU simply are
Freedom IS
Everything can be taken from you and will still be FREEDOM
For YOU are beyond things
TRUE freedom is not something to be attained
It IS that which YOU already are
YOU cannot NOT be this
YOU can only think you are not it
Causing all forms of suffering
There’s no joy in thinking
JOY is the perfume of Infinite Silence
YOU are Infinite Silence
That’s why JOY IS within
When you go within there’s no without!
There’s nothing you have to do
Nothing to prove
Nothing to gain
Nothing to lose
YOU are Freedom ItSELF

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