The Heros Journey

 In Relationship With Others, Self-Mastery

Have you heard of ‘The Hero’s journey?’

Its essence was captured by Joseph Campbell who having researched many world cultures found that the ‘stories’ told in each of those cultures all had essentially the same components.

These stories are really the stories of our lives; our very own hero’s journey.

The core components are:

  1. Separation
  2. Initiation
  3. Return.

The hero is called upon to separate from something to embark on the journey. A process of initiation follows into a new way of being and the challenges that ensue and then the hero’s triumphant return.

According to Campbell we live our lives in a continuous cycle of hero’s journeys both ‘mini cycles’ and ‘whole life cycles.’

Now there is a profound accord here to what Spheres Of Light bring us and this follows on beautifully from our ‘Turning Point’ Blog.

The essence of Turning Point is that:

‘We are all Spheres Of Light akin to a fibre-optic lamp and rather than perceiving our separateness from others we can literally turn our focus around and see that we are all connected to the ultimate Sphere Of Light.’

Do you see the connection to the hero’s journey?

  1. We create or live in the illusion of separation and that’s how we’ve been living our lives – stage 1 of the hero’s journey.
  2. We initiate ourselves in Spheres Of Light – and shine light into our lives challenges which are not only present now but are hangovers from our past. – stage 2.
  3. We embark on our return to wholeness – stage 3.

This is a process that unfolds for us ‘in time’ – giving us many experiences along the way. Some we may judge as good, some we may judge as bad. In essence though, the summation of all those experiences is what has brought us to this point now.

So they have all served a function, no matter how we see them.

Having Spheres Of Light here to help us on our very own hero’s journey is a ‘gift beyond measure.’

When Paul from Leeds engaged for the first time he reported he felt like the hero:

“… I seemed to be floating and spinning and likened this to the ‘Solvite Man’ who used to be stuck from a board and flying from a helicopter”, and then opening up to the guidance: “… it felt like a an etch-a-sketch that moved and cleared away the picture. I felt this was like a cleansing.”

Following the guidance we get from this gift will make the road easier. Take this opportunity now to engage with Spheres Of Light and ease the path…


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