Whether you realise it or not you are creating your own experience of reality. Always.

How is this so? Especially when it looks like ‘stuff’ or ‘life’ is just happening to you? 

To understand this we go back to where we started, You and the Universe. Your connectedness, oneness with all that is.

Since you emanate from Source and are thus part of all that is, you are imbued with the same characteristics and creative powers. This is a wonderful gift that most of humanity has not realised it has.

Everything is energy. Consciousness, simply put, is energy aware of itself. As we explored in the fibre optic metaphor video. You are a point of light or a Sphere Of Light that is intrinsically and permanently connected to the whole.

How do you create out of this? By your AWARENESS. Energy is just energy until it is observed or to put it another way an AWARENESS emerges. When true AWARENESS is present energy/consciousness co-operates to create the highest outcome from an infinite ‘soup’ of possibilities. This ‘soup’ goes by many names: Source, The Vacuum, The Unified Field, The Superstring Field, The Void to name some.

From this source the perfect creation emerges. Perfect for that moment. Life then becomes a continuous series of perfect creations from pure consciousness. This type of creation, true creation feels effortless and flowing. As sports people would say you are ‘in the zone’ or put another way you are ‘in flow.’

You have had this experience and it can be yours more regularly by stepping into the truth of who you are.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


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