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Your Innate Creativity Gateway Location

Whether you realise it or not you are creating your own experience of reality. Always.

How is this so? Especially when it looks like ‘stuff’ or ‘life’ is just happening to you? 

To understand this we go back to where we started, You and the Universe. Your connectedness, oneness with all that is.

Since your body emanates from Source and are thus part of all that is, you are imbued with the same characteristics and creative powers. This is a wonderful gift that most of humanity has not realised it has.

However, because of the belief in the idea of separation. You create an experience of separation where everyone and everything looks separate from you. This single and fundamental belief and misunderstanding is at the root of all your suffering.

Everything is energy. Consciousness, simply put, is energy aware of itself.

As the belief is in separation is dropped, the Self is Realised.  You are then in divine harmony and life in the body becomes a divine flow of creation that appears before YOU.

It is Perfect for that moment. It feels effortless and flowing. As sports people would say you are ‘in the zone’ or put another way you are ‘in flow.’

You may have had glimpses of this experience and it can be yours more regularly by stepping into the truth of who you are.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


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