At some point in the journey of life people come to the questions: “Why am I here?”, “What is the purpose of life?”, “What is its meaning?”, “How can I find lasting peace?” and more.

Self Realisation is about coming to experiential clarity on those questions and it’s possible for all not just some perceived special few. It’s a life’s journey and even several lifetimes.

If you had said to me in the year 2000, when I began Meditation, in the midst of a frantically full on Civil Engineering career that I would end up leaving that world behind (in 2009), continue on a profound healing journey within and end up sharing that message I’d probably have thought you were crazy!

Yet here it is.

Fish Discover Water Last – A Self Realisation Metaphor (5 minutes)

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted, it is a calling and each journey is unique, though the ultimate realisation is the same. It’s really why you are here. It’s your purpose and meaning wrapped into one. To realise your true essence, yet at the same time, embrace the human experience totally in all its uniqueness in you.

It’s not about a mythical idea of human perfection. That is a myth indeed. I am not the perfect human, ask my Wife!

It is about realising the infinite power resting within and allowing that to shine in you, through you and as you whilst accepting that human aspect that you’ll still make mistakes, learn and develop. Yet you can now do this with direct access to that inner-power and peace.

As this started to emerge in 2011 two words came in a Meditative Space: Open Source. It’s a principle that came from the computing world where the source-code was shared openly for the first time. Those two words came 20 years almost to the day of the creation of the Open Source foundation. It has meant that everything is shared here is done openly, nothing is held back, no levels or anything like that and whilst not specifically a requirement of Open Source the vast majority of material is also freely available and there’s more than enough of that to Realise the Self.

Of course some donations have been made and they just about cover the not inconsiderable cost of the sharing however, they do not cover my time which has equated to about 12,000 hours over 12 years (May 2023) freely given in many ways. Some of the donations have gone to other causes here’s some examples:

The Monastery of St Francis and Gorton Trust (Manchester, UK) – Community

The Harmony Hub, Chorley, UK

Tree Sisters

International Red Cross: Ukraine, Turkey, Syria Appeals

Individuals before and since all this started

In these days where mental-health and well-being are finally getting increasing exposure and recognition and are serious issues for many it’s important to state here that if you are in an unstable position, receiving medical treatment, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, medication and so forth then it’s highly probable that you’ll need to continue with that to a position of stability before you open fully to this. See this page on my Website.

A key reason for this is that central to the process is facing and dissolving the emotional body (aka pain body) and you’ll need to be ready for this. It’s liberating but not a bed of roses by any stretch.

Yet access to true well-being is possible with the infinite power within. I’ve witnessed many people both in one to ones and at public events undergo monumental shifts.

It’s also become increasingly clear over time there’s a good deal of abuse and misuse of spirituality in individuals and organisations alike. Some really quite shocking. It can take many forms including but not limited to manipulation, sexual, financial, emotional and even deification of Guru’s. I’ve guided some people through the trauma of some aspects of this. Fortunately, there’s an increasing body of work and an Association exploring this. One is the Association for Spiritual Integrity and there’s some helpful guidelines which I align with on their Website whether you’re seeking or guiding. I am not a Member but the work is very important. They use the term Student and Teacher and I understand why as it spans many areas of Spirituality, however as clarified further below, those aren’t terms that speak to me in the context of Self Realisation because of their hierarchical nature. It’s a start, there’s some way to go.

Some key points to consider whether you’re following my sharing or any others:

1. Does what is being shared resonate with your inner-most being, your heart, does it call you? This will feel uplifting inspiring, expansive and more on first recognition.

2. Is it Compassionate, compelling and caring creating a harmony between the human experience and the absolute essence of that which we really are? Or, is it dismissive of the human experience, emotion, promoting bypassing of issues, extreme and overly intellectual rather than experiential?

3. Use discernment, take your time, do you sense whomever is talking is a truly realised being? Is what is being shared part of a Spiritual Sweety Shop or rather fluffy bunny and unrealistic? Note: there’s no need to believe anything I or anyone else says about this. Truth is an experience not a belief.

See the short supporting videos expanding on some of the above below.

People have called me Guru, Master, Teacher and probably other things but there’s a spiritual trap here (read more on this here). I never taught anyone anything about Self Realisation, many people have simply come to deeper realisations within. It’s a joy to witness and cheer you along the way.

I don’t see any difference between you and me spiritually. The perceived difference is one of belief, people believe in a case of mistaken identity that all they are is this body-mind. That is the root of suffering. This belief is experientially not true for me and it can be for you.

I am sometimes asked what is it like for you now? Answer: Peaceful. Though always integration continues because the human vehicle is much denser than the Infinite Awareness within.

So here you are, do you feel the call? Feel free to use the vast library of freely available resources, sign up for the Newsletter, come to events in person or online if it calls you.

Self Realisation awaits.

Philip Wade
(Expanded and updated into one place on this site May 2023)

Some relevant short videos are shared below to support the above statement.

Compelling Compassion (5 minutes)

Beware the Spiritual Sweety Shop (13.5 minutes)

Is there only one way? (9 minutes)

Beware Spiritual Intellectualism (12 minutes)

Discernment in Life and Self Realisation? (13.5 minutes)

The Extreme Non-Dual Trap (9.5 minutes)

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